A Sense Of Dusty ‘’ Volkov Bratva ‘’ Book Cover A Sense Of Dusty ‘’ Volkov Bratva ‘’
Volkov Bratva
Sam Crescent
Romance, Crime, Mafia
Evernight Publishing
March 7, 2023
Kindle, Paperback

Adelaide was never suposed to merry Andrei. Her sister was but she messed it up. So she was married of to Andrei from Volkov mafia because her family need money.

She starts to live in a loveless marriage. But a kiss for what she want and the game changes between Them.

Married to the mafia and your life is in danger and some Will try to kill you.

This is book nr 2 and is good. Love the book when things change between Adelaide and Andrei. Her family is bat sick crazy they sell her for money when her crazy sister is messing up and Are choosen of to marry Andrei. Her family have always hated her. How Can people be That Way I wonder. But in a Way she have it Better in the marrige.

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